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Ten+ years of experience working online, without ever missing a deadline!

Advanced WordPress SEO

Writing web copy, blog posts & articles since 2007 taught me one thing. Without a clear idea of why a piece of content is relevant to Google, hitting the publish button is shouting at an empty stadium.
On-page SEO and smart keyword placement are my first steps in outlining the web page, article or blog post. I use Yoast SEO for WordPress and rely on SEMRush & Ubersuggest for keyword optimization.

Web Content Writing

I’m first to admit: I rarely read more than 20% of what’s on the page. I scan the page to find the relevant info and get what I came for.
Your website visitors do the same. To keep them you need engaging and helpful content. The information your customer is looking for needs to be less than second away. What you need is:
✔ Personalized and persuasive copy that tells your story
✔ Engaging web content tailored to your audience
✔ Well-researched and actionable articles & blog posts

Article & Blog Writing

The Internet is filled with fluff content. In 2020, people read only the articles that provide immediate value, inform accurately & educate. Understanding why people behave the way they do, in everyday life and online, is my career.
More importantly, promoting meaningful, valuable and mindful living is my passion.My vision is simple. I want a reader to leave less anxious or stressed after reading my article, knowing what they can do to feel better.

Research & Fact Checking

I provide thorough research materials for whitepapers, speeches and conferences.

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Sowi Screen Balance App

Content strategy

Project Description

The project included 4 pages: Home, About, FAQ and Pricing. I wrote each of these with a specific goal in mind. The home page provides a general overview of the app features. About page focuses on the story behind the team and explains why they created the app. The FAQ and pricing pages provide technical information and how-tos for the app users. Each page is SEO optimized with Yoast while maintaining simplicity and clarity.


Krešimir Rajić, owner

She is committed, dedicated, trustworthy, and very hard working. She is someone you can always count on to help out and do good work in scheduled time

Hart Life Academy

Web copy, design, SEO

Anne Hartley, owner

I cannot rate Nikolina highly enough. She did a marvellous job on our SEO and also did a superb job redesigning our entire site. I would recommend her to anyone as she is the best freelancer I’ve hired.


Articles on mental health in pregnancy

Susana Serer

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Nikolina over the last year. She is an excellent communicator, highly professional, always meets the deadlines and intuitively understands exactly how to write for my audience (young women going through mental health difficulties). I look forward to working with Nikolina again very soon.


Web content

Anton Melnik

It was my first experience for such type of work. And it was great. Good communication, all changes were complete very fast and with great quality. Thanks.

IMMA Website

WordPress website design & web content

Anne Hartley

Nikolina is marvellous. She has done a lot of work for me and I will continue to use her services.

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