Hi there,
here’s how your business can grow online

With a bit of help from a freelancer extraordinaire 😉

Let me introduce myself first.

Hi, I’m Nikolina Miljus.

I pursued a degree in Psychology to understand the inner workings of the human mind. Unexpectedly, I stumbled upon the world of copywriting and digital marketing. That encounter changed my career path forever.

Today, I work with clients from around the world. I assist them in launching websites, apps and campaigns that capture attention, communicate the right messages and spark action.

No doubt, the internet is noisy and extremely competitive. I ensure that my clients remain one step ahead of the competition. My toolbox contains SEO, smart keyword placement, writing content and setting up WordPress websites.

What I do well

On-page SEO

Publishing web content without on-page SEO optimization is almost always useless. That is, if the Google’s robotic crawler can’t easily understand what your page is about, it assumes your readers won’t find it useful. Starting from keyword research to well-optimized copy, on-page SEO is a must-have.

Research & Fact-checking

I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Subsequently, this thirst proved useful in researching vastly different industry sectors, technologies, and world events.
Simply put, all the information we need is out there. However, recognizing reliable and accurate sources is my talent. My clients have used my research as a background for whitepapers, conferences and trade events.

What my clients say:

Working with Nikolina was a really enjoyable experience.

Luis Paolo Dobreira

Nikolina Miljus is thorough and attentive to details. She respects deadlines and generally over-delivers. Equally important, she understands a bigger picture and she’s not about churning out words. Very happy client, will hire again!

Mario Tomić

Mario Tomić

Working with Nikolina was a really enjoyable experience. She was such a professional from start to finish. There was great communication, she regularly updated me all the way through the process. Nikolina welcomed any feedback I may have had. I’m delighted I found such a talented and reliable freelancer. I look forward to working with Nikolina again.

Kevin Bourke

Kevin Bourke

Great freelancer. Good attention to detail, especially given the technical nature of the topic. Will happily work with Nikolina again.

Matt O'Neill

Matt O’Neill

MOdComms, director

One in a million !
Thank God I found her 🙂

Krešimir Rajić

Krešimir Rajić

Ceo, Sowi Screen Time Balance

I cannot rate Nikolina highly enough. She did a marvelous job on our SEO and also did a superb job redesigning our entire site. I would recommend her to anyone as she is the best freelancer I’ve hired.

Anne Hartley

Anne Hartley

CEO, Hart Life Academy

Nikolina is such a focused and diligent worker. Definitely, she is one of the best!

Dennis Smith

Dennis P. Smith


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